My name is Sue McCarron and I am a retired mother of two children in middle school.  After I retired from a long career with the federal government, I was able to devote more time to using my creative mind.  I started teaching craft and sewing classes and was constantly finding new ideas and things to create.

One day, I was working on some knitted bead soup bracelets and was also researching the healing properties of crystals.  The flood gates opened, and I realized I that I could use healing crystals to make the beautiful beaded bracelets.  At once I was pulled very strongly onto this path.  I studied the proper ways to use crystals for healing, and was certified as a Crystal Healer Practitioner through Sacred Healing Light (Suzanne Dann, Reiki Master/Crystal Therapist).

Now I receive much joy from working with these healing crystals each day, and I love to create meaningful jewelry that is able to help others heal.

I cleanse all my crystals when I receive them using the fire element (burning sage or “smudging”) to release any negative energy they may have accumulated before reaching me.  I find just the right “recipe” or “prescription” for a particular condition or ailment, and then I dedicate the crystals as I knit them into the bracelets for their special healing assignment.  Once the bracelets are completed, I then smudge the finished bracelet and energize the crystals by placing it in either the sun or moon (or both).

I hope you enjoy wearing these pieces as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Please provide feedback or send me a message with any questions you might have about your jewelry.

Best Regards, Sue McCarron

Our philosophy
Crystal healing is an alternative health practice using gemstones to instigate healing and the realigning of the energies within the body. It is a holistic approach as it encompasses the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the individual.  The philosophy behind holistic healing is that everything in the body is connected; therefore everything is affected by everything else. Though the dis-ease may be physically manifested in the body, the source could stem from emotional, spiritual, or stressful issues, so treating the source and not the symptoms is a big factor in crystal healing.