I purchased (2) Rose Quartz rosary bracelets with matching earrings for a dear friend and her sister. Her sister is fighting a tough battle with cancer and I wanted to get something that may give them a little strength. Sue reviewed the different stones and their benefits. Once I decided on stone, Sue made bracelets and earrings, and shipped the next day. They’re beautiful and I appreciate the fast service.

Robin Trickett

I purchased a lovely rosary to give my niece who is dealing with breast cancer. It is beautifully made with pretty pink quartz. My niece was thrilled to receive this gift with healing properties. Thank you, Sue

Andree Lambert

I love my bracelet made by Sue. The colors are beautiful. I told her I love the ocean and my bracelet reminds me of sea glass that I collect. I leave my bracelet on the windowsill when I’m not wearing it so it can get sunshine and moonbeams. I get so many compliments when I wear it and it honestly makes me feel good whenever I look at it on my wrist. I think it may give me a sense of peace or a lighter spirit. When I first got it I thought it might be too tight but the second time I put it on it felt loose and comfortable. Thank you Sue. It really makes me feel special!

[Comment:  Yes.  I try to make them fit “snug” because they are knitted and will loosen up somewhat after you wear it.]

Joan Capadanno

“Sue’s bracelet is a one of a kind treasure. Each stone shines with a light that was made especially for me. The healing energy represented by the stones was personalized for the needs I told Sue I wanted in my life. Thank You Sue for your genuine caring in each bracelet that you create.”

Imelda Fisher

“Love my bracelet! Sue created a beautiful piece of art that I wear on my wrist. I seem to have more energy since wearing it. I’ve also fallen into some luck. Sue’s work is so very beautiful.”

Nancy Sawyer
-Mental Health Clinician

I LOVE Sue’s crystal bracelets!  They are made with love, care, and intuition.  They feel special and high vibrational.  I didn’t want to take mine off at night.  They are very comfortable to wear and go with most anything.  If you want to give yourself or someone else a very special gift, I would highly recommend one of Sue’s bracelets.

Suzanne Dann
Owner-Sacred Healing Light https://sacredhealinglight.com
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