Healing crystals are certainly powerful and excellent conduits and amplifiers of the Universal Life Force.  Crystals have been used for thousands of years in many cultures throughout the ages to assist us in gaining the wisdom, peace, security and blessings of a happy, healthy, meaningful and prosperous life.

Healing bracelets are $125.

I have put together several different “prescriptions” or “recipes” for the crystals that work well together to heal specific ailments.  If you would like to have one custom made for you then please click the Create Your Bracelet tab under the SHOP button.

[Here comes the disclaimer…]

Crystal  healing and energy work are not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. If  someone has  a serious health imbalance they  should see a doctor or other appropriate professional, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program.

All healing is self healing. The Crystal Healing Practitioner works with the crystals to assist themselves and other in facilitating their own healing.


Joy and Happiness with blue glass spacer beads

Chakra Balancing


Chakra Balancing

Weight Loss

Clasp example